Trustees & Volunteers

The previous pages have given a ‘thumb nail ‘ sketch of our services and you will appreciate that we can only continue to both manage existing commitments and expand as demand requires, with additional Trustee and Volunteers.

If you or someone that you know would be interested in joining our organisation as a Volunteer and/or Trustee, please contact our  Volunteer Administrator, Wendy Brice-Thompson – 01708 747993 or

 Please don’t rule yourself out – speak to us first so we can see if you have a skill or some valuable time that we can utilise. If you feel you do not know enough about vision impairment, we can help you learn. We need volunteers who are vision impaired themselves as well as those who are fully sighted.

We aim to have one vision impaired and one fully sighted volunteer working together in our hospital Sight Support Service.

Thank you for your interest in Sight Action (Havering) and we trust that we will be able to help you either with advice or one of our services.